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This is the land where Mexico´s most emblematic features were born: Mariachi, Mexican Rodeo and Tequila. It is also the land of the wixárikas and technology, and is the animation and cinematography capital of Mexico. It is gastronomy rich, from the Torta ahogada to the sophistication of Chef Paco Ruano. It is the land of José Clemente Orozco, of María Izquierdo, Juan Rulfo, Salvador Toscano, of Katy Jurado, Guillermo del Toro, Gael García, Consuelito Velázquez, Issac Hernández, of Patricia Riggen, Vicente Fernández and of Carlos Santana. Jalisco is a landscape of forest, jungle, dessert, snow, beach, urban and rural. It is a colonial city, as well as a cosmopolitan city. It is venue for the best cultural and sporting events in majestic settings. Furthermore, we are the second entity in the Republic of Mexico with the highest film production in the country, and the only one with a Film Support Grant. Jalisco is all your production needs, and more. Film in Jalisco!

Rodolfo Guzmán.

Production Management Summary from 2014 to 2019


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The state of Jalisco is rich in natural and urban ecosystems, this database is structured by private individuals as well as governmental authorities like the Secretary of Tourism as well as some municipality councils.

How to obtain a
location permit?


Send an email to: info@filmaenjalisco.com,with your project information , head of production, or its dossier.


We will answer you back with a link where you need to make a specific request regarding locations needed, dates, times, as well as if a total or partial closure of streetsis necessary,or if drones will be used.


Without any cost, we write the official letters and handle the paperwork with the corresponding authorities.

Magic Towns

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Rural Setting

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Urban Landscape

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Parks and Gardens

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Historical and Religious

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Agave Landscape

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Culture and Entertainment

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Companies and Businesses

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We look for #TalentInJalisco to build strategic partnerships to improve
and grow the local film industry. ​


The Jalisco Film Commission Trust (COFIEJ) creates the Support Grant for the production of animation, documentary and fiction films in Jalisco, with the purpose of boosting the film industry.

Enter the following link: Convocation Registration Form 2020

Call for funds filma pdf
Eligibility Criteria 2020 pdf
Feature Film Script Call filma pdf
Eligibility Criteria Script Feature Films pdf



The Jalisco Film Commission is a Public Trust created in 2014 with the purpose to uplift the cinematographic and audiovisual industry in the state of Jalisco, as well as to boost the area to be considered as setting for developing such activities.


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